• Gary Bagnato is a New-Age Gothic Van Gogh. That's a mouthful, but it reflects the broad spectrum of his art.

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Blink Internet Artist

I have joined up as one of the Blink Internet Artists.  Blink is the brainchild of Litsa Spanos, who is the founder of Art Design Consultants in Cincinnatti, Ohio.  Thank You Litsa, I’m so glad to be a part of this artist minded team.  I’m hoping more collectors, galleries, and interior designers, will notice the value of my work and contact me.


Calling all Galleries & Collectors

I’ve decided to make 2016 the year I start looking more for a permanent home for my art.  I’ve been doing art for more than forty years now and have had some great shows.  So anyone who is involved in the art world that might look at my site please give me a howler back.  I know someone out there can see the value in my art.  I don’t plan on stopping and will keep doing art as long as my body allows.  I believe in helping out and paying for promotion and production as long as it is to promote my art.  Now that I’m semi-retired I’ll have more time to devote to my art and would love to focus all my energy to one gallery instead of doing so many different shows in different places.  Thanks to all my art friends and their support.

gary-bagnatoPainter Gary Bagnato

Born Akron, Ohio October 9,1949, same date as John Lennon, Gary Bagnato started painting early in life. In 1974 I decided to become a serious artist and turn professional. I started doing landscape in oil paint.  Taking Fine and Professional Art in high school and at Kent State University, I started to develop my own style. Drawing from the Old Masters and New Masters, I produced a new mode of expression that I call "Sensual Painting".

I combine the direct color as the Fauvists, apply paint in the fashion of the Impressionists, outline as the Primitives, and always keep in mind the quality of the Renaissance painters. My sensual style is as its name states, it's bright and flashy, yet sort of subtle, straight edged, yet round and flowing. I believe when people look at my paintings they get a feeling of pleasure and voluptuous sensitivity that the causes the mind to relax into it.