Blink Internet Artist

I have joined up as one of the Blink Internet Artists.  Blink is the brainchild of Litsa Spanos, who is the founder of Art Design Consultants in Cincinnatti, Ohio.  Thank You Litsa, I’m so glad to be a part of this artist minded team.  I’m hoping more collectors, galleries, and interior designers, will notice the value of my work and contact me.

Calling all Galleries & Collectors

I’ve decided to make 2016 the year I start looking more for a permanent home for my art.  I’ve been doing art for more than forty years now and have had some great shows.  So anyone who is involved in the art world that might look at my site please give me a howler back.  I know someone out there can see the value in my art.  I don’t plan on stopping and will keep doing art as long as my body allows.  I believe in helping out and paying for promotion and production as long as it is to promote my art.  Now that I’m semi-retired I’ll have more time to devote to my art and would love to focus all my energy to one gallery instead of doing so many different shows in different places.  Thanks to all my art friends and their support.

Need Some Feedback

My dear art friends who visit my site, I need some feedback.  Please take a few minutes and leave me a comment, when your finished viewing my art.  Let me know your thoughts about my art and the website.  Which paintings you liked and the ones you didn’t.  Or just say hi, won’t contact you […]


Akron Art Prize

It is the 4th annual Akron Art Prize, it is a voting competition so please vote for yours truly.  It begins September 5th with an art walk, and signing up to vote.  Voting runs thur October 3rd, with the prize ceremony at the Akron Art Museum.  The artwork I’ve entered this year is Fantasy/Reality, it will be in the 43 Furnace Street Gallery.  I’ll be there Sept 5th so come and see me and talk to me.  You can also download their app on your phone to vote.  #akronartprize15



Ohio State Fair Art Show 2015

Another year has passed and its time for the Ohio State Fair.  This is the third year I’ve entered the show, and was accepted again.  It is a special honor to be among some of the best artists in Ohio.  My paintings Warm Sanctuary, and Mars Potential, were chosen for the show this year.  So if you want something fun to do, come down to the fair this year.  You won’t be let down, you’ll see a lot of good art, food, rides, entertainment, and of course the animals.  July 28th is Opening Reception. 6-8 pm.  July 29th – August 8th is Exhibition Time, Gallery hours 9am – 9pm. Ohio State Fair Cox Fine Arts Center 717 East 17th Avenue Columbus, OH.  Mars Potential is a painting in my 3D abstract series.

Mars Potenial

Warm Sanctuary painting

Warm Sanctuary

Photographer/Artist/David Bryan Lile

Got a blast from the past, when an old friend David Bryan Lile called me.  He said he was looking at the paintings on my website and told me he had a website with his artwork.  So I had to check it out.  I knew David was a fine singer, but I didn’t know he was also a photographic artist.  Much to my surprise I found a body of artwork that is most pleasing to the eye.

 That’s what David has is a great eye for seeing art in photography.  The way he colorizes in bright vivid colors, you don’t see a photo any more but a painting.  His eye for finding an abstract painting in a city scape is  tremendous. He can break the shapes down to design and color. Then you see only a great abstract .

 Check David out at David B Design

Lined Up 01 Gymnasium 001

Artistic Urban, Architectural and Elemental Photography

Artistic Urban, Architectural and Elemental Photography






My New 3D Abstract Style

It has form that makes the design, not  just a flat 2D design.  When you look at it appears you can see shapes of creatures and things, but it is just pure design. Your eyes are what is deceiving you, for it also has perspective. 

My Painting Mars Potential you see what looks like flowing rock formations but then things are growing and changing in a depth of field over and over.

My new painting Just 16 Min? everything seems to come from the center of the painting or to the center, with changing of different patterns of movement.  

Check out my abstracts, I have a lot of fun doing them, for rediscovering design at its purist. 

The Barbara Luton Art Show

It’s at The Shaker Heights Library

16500 Van Aken Blvd.

Shaker Heights, Ohio

The opening is Sunday, March 29, 2015

2 – 4 pm, There are cash prizes, so come on 

out and support me, always love to see

my art friends.


End of January Sale

All of my paintings will

remain marked down 

at these prices till the 

end of January.  So

buy them while their still

on sale.


Free Wallpaper for the Holiday Season These Five Paintings Available 1. Warm Sanctuary 2. People Who Think They’re Gods 3. Stargazer Lilies 4. Tide Mover 5. Techno Sunset Tell your friends, my holiday gift to you. Click here to download them today!